Based on our knowledge of the wet wipes packaging process and equipment involved, our experience in the fabrication of lid applicators and bulk feeders, as well as the inputs from our customers, we partnered with a global leader in the plastic injection sector with a sound experience with lids, to develop a range of lids which work at a very high efficiency, and count with the following features:


  • Clean & efficient bulk feeding operation thanks.
  • Maximum gluing speed.
  • Maximum precision of the position of the lid.
  • Clean finish with no glue smearing out.
  • The lowest costs (material, packaging & logistics).
  • Maximum machine efficiency of the machines (magazines, bulk feeder, labellers, transfers, lid applicators, etc.)
  • Embossed, IML or plain, all in the colour of your choice.
  • Additional optional feature to retain the wipe after use.
Length Width Height Weight Units


85 mm
60 mm
6.1 g


398 mm
384 mm
350 mm
12 kg
1.950 u.


120 cm
80 cm
155 cm
288 kg
46.800 u.

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