Lid carousel

This lid feeder consists of 10 double turrets (20 turrets in total) mounted on a servo controlled transfer system to hold the piles of lids loaded by an operator. The active turret supplies the lids to the lid applicator and when it is empty, the system transfers the next set of turrets to the lid feeding staion, providing a larger autonomy to the machine.

The machine counts with unique features to facilitate the operation like:

  • Easy extraction system for chanveover and maintenance.
  • Automatic emptying system.
  • Light curtains for a fast and safe access for loading.
  • Easy changeover system.
  • Flaps to secure the lids and facilitate the loading operation.
  • High autonomy.
  • Empty magazine detection to secure a continuous operation even when the operator misses loading.

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Bulk feeders

This lid fedder is a mechanical system that takes the lids from a hopper of 400 litres of capacity, and counts with a number of mechanical elements that orient and phase the lids prior to being supplied to the lid applicator, providing a very large autonomy to the system and requiring a very little and simple human interaction for loading the machine with lids.
  • Very high autonomy.
  • Easy and fast loading.
  • Very high efficiency.

Multiformat feeders

The multiformat feeder combines tha characteristics of the bulk feeder with the flexibility for its use with different lid types of the carousel.

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