Lids for packs of wet wipes

Hemos diseñado una serie de tapas para reducir costes y sacar el máximo partido a nuestros equipos, reduciendo los costes de cada parte del proceso.

Lids wetwip spain

Lid feeders for lids

We offer various systems to handle the supply of your lids to move away from the traditional vertical magazines, like high capacity rotary systems (carousel), mechanical bulk feeders for autonomy above 40 minutes without supervision as well as the multiformat feeders handling many different lids without mechanical adjustment and also for above 40 minutes of autonomy.


Lids applicators for packs of wet wipes

Discover the broad range of lid applicator machines from ATP Engineering & Packaging, from the fastest machine in the market to the most economical, adapting to your necessities. You can also find bulk feeders that dramatically reduce the costs of our clients and simplifies operation.

Lid applicator wetwip spain

Case packers for packs of wet wipes

We produce standard case packer installations for the most common packaging standard in the market


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