Engineered lids for the lowest production costs

Bulk Feeders

Our unique reliable lid unscramblers reduce your labour costs

Lid Applicators

The largest range of lid applicators in the market to adapt to your needs

Case Packers

Have your production packed automatically in many formats

Lids for packs of wet wipes

We have designed and engineered a range of lids to reduce costs and get the most of our equipment, reducing your costs in every part of the process.
Lids wetwip spain

Bulk feeders for lids

Our bulk feeders are a referent in the market since 2012, and the best complement for our lid applicators. With an autonomy as from 40 minutes and a very high reliability, will allow you save labour costs.

Lid Feeder

Lids applicators for packs of wet wipes

Discover the broad range of lid applicator machines from ATP Engineering & Packaging, from the fastest machine in the market to the most economical, adapting to your necessities. You can also find bulk feeders that dramatically reduce the costs of our clients and simplifies operation.

Lid applicator wetwip spain

Case packers for packs of wet wipes

We produce standard case packer installations for the most common packaging standard in the market

Case packers

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